Maine’s Other Lobster

2016 has been a doozy of a mushroom foraging season.. Drought conditions have made for some pretty low-key mushrooming expeditions this summer. A handful of chanterelles here, a dry chicken of the woods there; mostly just the dried remains of last years flushes. For most mushroom species the summer of 2016 will go down as […]

What’s Wild, Yellow, and Smells of Apricots?

Behold the chanterelle, golden and elegant.  A mysterious fungus that sends mushroom hunters and slugs alike on a hunt through the duff of oak groves and hemlock stands, fending off mosquitos that hang and whine in the muggy July air. Culinarily, there is nothing like a freshly picked golden chanterelle. The bruised tonnage that reaches New […]

Collecting Wild Rose Petals and Making Lassi

It was a few years ago, while ambling along the back roads of Mount Desert Island, that I stumbled upon an estate sale of a florist that had closed it’s doors decades earlier. The shop was housed in a tiny one-room building beside a residence and appeared like it was relegated to the status of a junk drawer for the […]

The Black Trumpet

Matt McInnis

If Matt McInnis were to construct his idea of a perfect dinner, it may include the weeds from your front lawn, that strange looking fungus growing off the tree at your neighbor’s house, and a local fish most often relegated to chum. With a passion for the foraged and unusual, he is always looking forward to the season’s next treats.